mobile fabric library

NEW! Mobile Fabric Library

This month has been really exciting for me. I have purchased a new van which has been transformed into an amazing mobile fabric library.

Mobile Fabric Library

The van is now home to my entire fabric library, including sample books and hangers from companies including Sanderson, Morris & Co, GP&J Baker, James Hare, Warwick, Sion, Clarke & Clarke, Swaffer and MORE! Now, when I visit clients at their homes to discuss window treatments, we can browse the full range of fabrics together. There is something for every taste and budget, whether it’s spots and stripes, plains, velvets, floral or geo prints, you’ll find what you’re after, within your budget, in the back of my van! To see which fabric accounts I have please click here. If I don’t have an account with the fabric company you’re most interested in, I can still source the fabric for you.


fabric library

Curtain Pole Samples

Also available to look at are curtain pole samples from several companies. I also have a magazine rack full of brochures if my clients want something that I don’t have on display.

Sample Curtains

With so much space I can even bring along sample curtains for you, to help you decide which curtain heading you would like. If you’d like to see what a double pleat looks like versus a cartridge pleat, no problem! It’s so easy to compare and choose the right look with the samples.

Come on in!

On the van’s first outing (I feel like I really should give her a name!) my client wanted to get in himself to browse the fabric. He made an initial selection which we brought back to the house and from there he very quickly made his choice. It has made this part of the process so easy for me as well as for my clients! If you’d prefer to step inside and have a look, then please do, by all means! But if you would prefer to leave that to me, that’s perfectly fine. Just let me know what you’re after, I’ll pop in and bring out the relevant samples for you to go through in the house.

If you’d like a FREE consultation and to browse my wonderful range of fabrics, please contact me on 01202 911920 or drop me an email at [email protected].