Roman Blind Quick Fixes

Roman Blinds are now made with child safety very much at the forefront of design. The headrails have chains that pop out if pulled too hard – for example, if a child manages to get the chain wrapped around his or her head! – and on the back of the blind we use two part breakaway devices to make sure a child cannot choke. They are designed to easily put back together in the event that either device breaks away, and hopefully you won’t need to call out your curtain maker or fitter to fix it. I’ve put together a few videos to guide you to attempt to put the breakaway devices back together yourself.

Please remember, that whilst roman blinds I supply are designed to comply with child health and safety, it’s always best practice to not allow your child to play with roman blinds. Please discourage your children from operating them, and don’t be too heavy handed when raising and lowering them. Please also be aware of any obstructions at the window that might catch the blind as it raises, which would cause the back of the blind to break.

I hope the videos are helpful and you are able to do the quick repair yourself, but if you struggle, please contact your contact maker for further assistance.


In this video, I will guide you through how to put the chain back in the event that you have pulled it out.

chain fix


In this video I will show you how to replace the 2 part breakaway devices on the back of your blind

breakaway device repair


In this video I show you how to take down the headrail and put it back up.

headrail remove/installation