Bespoke vs ready made curtains

Bespoke vs. Ready-Made Curtains

What is the difference between bespoke curtains and ready-made curtains?

I was recently asked what the difference is between what I ‘do’, i.e. bespoke curtains and what you can buy, ready made, in high street shops. So I thought the best way to explain it would be by video. As I have just finished a pair of curtains for a customer and my family live in a rental house, I have some ready made curtains, provided by my landlady, to put side-by-side to demonstrate the differences.


First of all, let’s look at the way the two curtains drape. Bespoke curtains have a lovely weight to them, thanks to the blankety interlining and weights sewn into the hem of the curtain. This helps with how the curtain hangs. The ready-made curtains, on the other hand, don’t have interlining or weights in the hem and so don’t have the necessary weight to the curtain to give them that same look and feel.


Bespoke curtains are made to fit the window they are being made for. I visit my customer’s house, discuss their requirements and take accurate measurements of the window. I make the curtain to fit the window perfectly. Ready-made curtains, however, come in standard sizes and you therefore can’t expect them to fit your window perfectly.


Bespoke curtain makers will source superior quality materials. The interlining and lining that I provide are beautiful, and so the back of my curtains are just as beautiful as the front. Obviously you can’t see the interlining, but the lining is excellent quality, thick, with a luscious sheen. Ready-made curtains generally are lined with inferior quality lining that is very thin and won’t last as long. It will look dirty and raggedy after a short amount of time.


It’s important to a bespoke curtain maker that the curtains they supply are full enough so that they meet easily in the middle, and don’t look strained when closed. Ready-mades however aren’t as full, and that changes the look of the curtain. They may only just meet in the middle and look a little stretched. Depending on the curtain heading, they may also end of looking quite flat when closed.

Thermal properties

Bespoke curtains have a lovely blankety interlining sandwiched between the fabric and lining. This interlining provides thermal properties that will help insulate your home. Very important in the winter months! Ready made curtains, on the other hand, may not be interlined and whilst they will still provide a certain amount of draught exclusion, they really won’t help a great deal in keeping your house warm and cosy.


Bespoke curtains are hand finished, with lovely neat stitches that are not visible from the front or the back. Ready made curtains are very often made by machine and quite often there will be visible stitching on the front of the curtain

Professional dressing

Your curtain maker will deliver your bespoke curtains and take the time to dress them correctly. This means that when you open and close your curtains every day, they will always fall back into their pleats and will look beautiful for years to come. With ready made curtains, you obviously purchase them from the shop and hang them yourself without dressing them. Don’t under estimate the importance of dressing your curtains!

A pair of well made bespoke curtains will last about 20 years (depending on the fabric) and you’ll probably replace them not because they are worn out, but because you want to update your style.


If you’re looking for curtains or blinds to be made for your house, please contact me!